Help Preserve Cougar Mt Trails, Viewpoints, and Habitat!

We have met our goal and raised $35,035 !

  • This will enable the The City of Newcastle to cover a Full Appraisal of the DeLeo Wall property. The appraisal will take about 75 days to complete (late April). The review will be completed in May.

  • The appraisal will enable additional grant applications and allow the City to make a fair market offer for purchase of the property with the goal of preserving it as green space.

  • Additional donations are welcome to help fund the City of Newcastle's efforts.

The efforts to save Cougar Mountain’s DeLeo Wall from logging continues...


  • Full appraisal will enable obtaining additional grants and making a purchase offer.

  • Legal appeals, government, and institutional reviews are still ongoing.

  • Public and private negotiations are still occurring.

  • The ultimate goal is to create a public-private partnership to purchase the property as permanent open space.

Read Latest Status Here (2/12/2020)

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Crosscut News article about DeLeo Wall and the community efforts to save it.

DeLeo Wall Article by Randy Corman, City of Renton Council Member

Now: DeLeo Wall hillside and viewpoints

Photo courtesy of Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center

Proposed: Help prevent this from occurring

The DeLeo Wall is a unique geological feature on the south side of Cougar Mountain that offers incredible views  from the trails that run along the ledge, at approx 900 ft. elevation. The hillside and almost-vertical "wall" are home to many animals, birds (including Bald Eagles), and 80+ year old trees; including Douglas firs, Madronas, and Maples. There are three streams running through the property, and into May Creek.  Click here and here to see a drone videos of the property, filmed by Steve Cobert.

The owners of the DeLeo Wall property recently applied for a logging permit with the Washington Department of Natural Resources. The DNR approved the application on May 18, 2018. The plans call for a clearcut, which will destroy the trails, impact streams, habitat, wetlands, and riparian zones. The result may be devastating erosion and runoffs into the May Creek Basin. Slash debris left behind from logging may also pose a significant fire hazard.

The Save DeLeo Wall Campaign is now supporting efforts by the City of Newcastle to delay logging, with the ultimate goal of preserving the property as open space. Please email us at if you'd like to stay updated on the next steps. You can also follow us on facebook or check our News page for updates.

Line of Sight Areas from DeLeo Wall View Point.

Clear cut would be seen from all areas in green.

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