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Drone Video of lower half. Property extends over the ridge. (Video: Steve Cobert)

View south on trail passing below the DeLeo Wall Viewpoint. (Photo: Steve Cobert)

View from DeLeo Wall Trail looking south east

View from DeLeo Wall Viewpoint looking south

The DeLeo Wall hillside seen from May Valley

Bald Eagle mating flight observed on 4/25/2018 over planned logging area on Parcel 352405-9010 (photo: Lee Foote)

Bald Eagle in flight over De Leo Wall

Fish from Stream A on 4/28/2018. Provisional id as a Coho Salmon. (it was carefully put back into stream)

Trail photos from Cougar Mountain, near De Leo Wall (photos by Sean Nielsen)

Mt Rainier from DeLeo Wall Viewpoint Trail. This is the only place on Cougar Mt you will find Garry (white) oak.  You can also see Madrona trees and Chocolate lillies, both of which are rare on Cougar Mt, except on the Wall (photo by Steve Williams)

DeLeo Wal Trail marker and Douglas firs on Cougar Mountain (photo by Chris Mason)

Anchor King Cty 20190406

4/6/2019 King County Grant Committee site visit

4/6/2019 King County Grant Committee site visit

City Coucil 20190521

Newcastle City Council Meeting 5/21/2019. About 100 attendees in the room and 50 more in the hall, waiting to get in.


DeLeo Wall table at the City of Newcastle Town Hall Meeting 6/18/2019.

20200111 DeLo Wall Walk.jpg
2020111 Trail Walk

DeLeo Wall Trail Walk with Newcastle and Renton City Council Members. 1/11/2020.

photo 20210404

Photo: Alison Wilson Lee

Photo: Markus Jucker - DeLeo forest sunset

Photo: Markus Jucker - Trillium

Photo: Markus Jucker - Firs on DeLeo Wall

Photo: Gary Amundson - Mandrove Grove

Photo: Gary Amundson - Mandrove Grove

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